Select Marine Winterization Engine Service 2019-2020

Please complete the information below. Then select all services requested for winterization. Thank you and if you have any questions please call or email me. Ryan Please note there is no guarantee on the week winterization requested, first come first serve. Also, there is no guarantee on winterization if performed AFTER a hard freeze.


Complete winterization (gas) ( parts and labor) + or- ( estimated fluids and filters) .Complete Winterization-Includes freeze protection, oil and filter change, stern drive gear lube change, or inboard transmission change, fuel water separating filters, fogging oil. Battery service, fuel treatment. Test coolant if fresh water cooled. 25 point checklist. Estimate only due to several different models - parts and oil capacity may vary. • Basic Winterization Basic Provides freeze protection for the engine and stern drive only. No fluid changes. Does include fuel filter change and fuel stabilizer. Not recommended for boats with more than 25 hours in one season. $215/per engine.
Complete diesel winterization - includes coolant test, freeze protection, primary and secondary fuel filter change, oil and filter change, transmission fluid change, fuel treatment, all engine zincs, and 25 point checklist. - Parts estimate can be provided. • Basic diesel winterization Basic diesel winterization, freeze protection only.
Basic Outboard and PWC winterization (two stroke engines) Includes fuel treatment and engine fogging.