4 Tips for Safe Boating in the Fog

Fog can develop quickly, and limited visibility raises the risk of a collision. Here are 4 steps to remember when the weather closes in.

1. Slow Down or Stop

If necessary, you should be able to stop in half the distance of visibility.

2. Make Your Presence Known

Fog signals must be sounded, and the time interval specified in the Navigation Rules is the minimum.

3. Post a Lookout

Post a crew member on the bow and, if possible, the stern as well. Have them swap locations periodically to keep them sharp.

4. Stop and Listen

Boats, buoys and lighthouses all make noise, and you’ll hear them before you see them. The transmission of sound in foggy conditions is tricky. If you hear something, don’t jump to a quick conclusion about its direction and distance, listen some more.

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